Saturday, January 19, 2008

2007 Hair Styles

The hottest 2007 hairstyles come in a variety of lengths, colors and textures. Long or short, curly or straight â€" all these 2007 hairstyles work for today’s trends when styled correctly. This year the sexy and sleek straight look is very popular. The messy and tousled look on medium length hair is another sexy look for 2007. Another 2007 hairstyle growing in popularity is the soft and wavy look. The asymmetrical bob is one of the hottest short haircuts this season. However, this cut has been updated for 2007 with more long layers and fringe in the front and short, soft layers in the back. This popular 2007 hairstyle is very versatile as it can be worn smooth and straight for a refined and polished look. For a younger, sexier look, use a bit of pomade to tousle the hair creating a wind blown, wavy look. Although short, this 2007 hairstyle provides women with a variety of options when styling. In order to achieve these options when styling, it is important the hair’s texture is created just right when cut. The key to such versatility is layers and soft edges through razor cutting. Wild and sexy looks such as Meg Ryan’s is accomplished through this trendy and innovative technique. The use of great styling products such as sculpting gels and waxes on this 2007 hairstyle separates and holds layers in place, creating the chunky and wind blown look. For the smooth and sleek look, layers should be blown dry to lay flat against the face. To keep hair smooth and shiny while combating frizz at the same time, smoothing gels should be used to finish the look. First and foremost though, a healthy head of hair is the most important thing. No matter how you wear your hair â€" curly, wavy or straight â€" a healthy shine is the most appealing part. For all 2007 hairstyles this season, a shine enhancing product is a must have. Experimenting with the color of your hair is a great way to transform or update a look. The color red is a bold and attractive choice and is definitely a trend for 2007 hairstyles. Any and all shades of red are popular from deep burgundy to strawberry blonde to copper hues. Reds are becoming so popular this season that women are choosing red shades of hair over traditional blondes. When wearing the short, layered look, color highlighting is a great way to enhance the look. Chunky blocks of color highlights throughout a short and tousled style is a fun and easy way to get the hottest of 2007 hairstyles. Anything goes this season for 2007 hairstyles for both men and women. Besides the short and layered bob, another popular short haircut is to have the hair shaved in the back and a bit longer on top. This hot hairstyle is a bit bolder and has been seen recently on celebrity Ellen Degeneres. For women still attached to their long hair, the wavy and wind blown look is in for 2007 hairstyles. This style can most easily be accomplished by spritzing the hair with salt water as the salt brings out the hair’s natural wave. This combined with scrunching the hair while it’s still damp will give you this very popular 2007 hairstyle, as seen on Shakira. For men, short, shaggy and ‘just got out of bed’ look is in for 2007. With a messy and unstructured cut, this style can be maintained by washing hair at night, sleeping on it and then waking up ready to go. This natural messy style is very popular this season. It is not recommended to wash this 2007 hairstyle on a daily basis as it will decrease the hairs natural shape and look flat. For men desiring a cleaner look, short and textured cuts with structured lines is also popular for 2007. This is a more controlled style that requires little effort for styling, however, the texture in the cut will keep it looking trendy and stylish. For men willing to go bolder in 2007, warm hair tones and highlights are very exciting for 2007. Overall, 2007 hairstyles are coming in all shapes, sizes and colors. Take risks and have fun with your hair. Anything goes for 2007 and the key to updating or creating a new look is to talk with your stylist about what is best for you. Take time to look through celebrity photos of 2007 hairstyles you like, styles which compliment the shape of your face and skin tones. The styles mentioned above are just a few of the hot styles popular this season. Feel free to tailor these or other styles to your personal taste and style.

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