Saturday, January 19, 2008

What Are the Best Hair Straightners?

What Are the Best Hair Straightners? Every since Straightening became the new thing over 5years ago the hair straightening world has just got bigger and bigger. It s not only hairdresser s getting in on the act but its celebrities, small companies and shops all trying to make money out of straightening hair. Hairdresser s all use Straightners nowadays but not only for straightening but for curling as well as flicks this especially used for shorter hair styles. It can give your hair a fantastic shine but it can also make your have become brittle, looks unhealthy with split ends, the best thing to do is only straighten your hair a few days a week not everyday. More and more celebrities and famous hairdressers are creating their own Straightners and selling these in high street shops and good hairdressers. Most hair straightners are black in colour but the GHD Limited Edition at the moment are fuchsia pink which is great for us girlies but they do come at a price of around £120.00. I had a pair of cheap £9.99 pink straightners when straightners first began to come into the shops I thought they were fantastic in my favourite colour too, but then I tried my friends and hers worked so much better so I decided to go and buy a new paid I believe were Babyliss they were a little better but had thinner plates so it was taking me even longer to do my hair as mine is quite thick and long then I bought a pair of cheap Remington ones but they weren t very good never actually straightened my hair. A few months after that, after visiting a salon and having my hair coloured blonde and pink and having it all layered they straightened it once it was complete and it looked fab it really did, the straightners got hot really quickly nothing liked the ones I had at home 20minutes before I wanted to use them I would have to put them on. So I found the price out of these ones they were £60.00 - I thought this was very expensive as I was only on £300.00 a month but I decided to save my money up the next month and I bought a pair that was 5 years ago and they still work they are Futura and I would recommend them to anyone with thicker and longer hair. I ve never had any problems with them, so overall those have been a very good investment. I have now decided I want a new pair, ones with slimmer plates so I can use them to curl my hair too. IM hoping I might get the Mark Hill ones with the pink plates love them there around £100.00 I m hoping there worth it, until you ve tried them you don t know. There are so many different makes of hair straightners out there so which ones to choose is the question!!! Here are a few of the ones I ve heard are good to use and heat up quickly: • GHD black or pink (depends if you want to spend an extra £20 for pink ones) • Babyliss 2085U Pro 230 • Andrew Collinge Straight N Shine • Chill Professional Solid Ceramic • Corioliss Purple • Daniel Hersheson Ceramic • EasyStraight One Week • Farouk Chi Turbo 2 Flat Iron • Fox Salon Styler Ceramic • Futura Ceramic • KIKI Tourmaline Ceramic • Morphy Richards and Mark Hill Thermo Ceramic • Morphy Richards 22070 Cordless • Nicky ClarkeNCS15 Frizz Control Ceramic • Pro Ceramic Ionic • Remington CS3000 Ceramic Slim • Remington PR4000 Professional Ceramic Slim • Remington S3002 Teflon Hair • SCP Hair Straightners Mk 5.2C • T3 Tourmaline Straightners by Hairart • Trevor Sorbie Client Collection • Go-Straight Digital Titanium All of the above have very good reviews from my friends and family as well as good compare websites. So if I was to buy another pair I would definitely start by looking at the above list. Happy Hair Straightening!!! Jene is the webmaster of Inanch Hairdressing specializing in Hair Straightening . Please feel free to republish this article provided a working hyperlink remains to our site

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