Saturday, January 19, 2008

Flower Tattoos

When it comes to a first tattoo for a woman, flower tattoos rank high as millions of people are known to have incorporated a rose into their design. This type of tattoo has been used for centuries to signify a symbol of beauty that seems to never end. The flexibility of this kind of artistic expression uses a wide-range of colors, shapes, sizes, and symbolism in its execution. A variety of messages and meanings are also accomplished through the selected flower, as they all carry their own associations. To express love, the carnation and rose are popular selections. The daffodil is associated with an unrequited love, while the honeysuckle makes reference to the bonds of love. Eternal love is expressed through the orange blossom, as is chastity and marriage. A love of nature is represented through a tattoo showcasing the magnolia. Beauty is another significant meaning behind flower tattoos, which is seen with the selection of the cherry blossom (spiritual beauty), hibiscus (delicate beauty), and the sunflower, which represents sheer beauty. Flower tattoos are also used to illustrate wholesomeness. Baby s breath and water lilies signify purity of the heart, while white lilies are linked to purity and sweetness. Additional meanings associated with a tattoo that uses a flower, includes the buttercup (riches), daisy (innocence), daffodil (hope), dogwood (forgetfulness), fuchsia (intimacy), jasmine (happiness), rhododendron (danger), peach blossom (captivity), tulip (enchantment), saffron (sexual energy), and morning glory (affection and departure). The placement of flower tattoos tends to differ between men and women. Flowers or floral tattoo designs are quite popular for women, as they choose to place selections on their lower back, chest, breasts, neck, arms, legs, and pubic region. With men, it is common for nameplates and other symbols to showcase flowers as surrounding decoration. The arms and legs are the most common locations on the body for a male to place this kind of tattoo. See some more kick-butt info, recommendations, photos, and much more. Visit the number one content site about tattoo designs on the internet:

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