Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ballet Moves - Perform The Perfect Demi-Plie

Want to boost your ballet skills? Learning and using this ballet move will help you to achieve just that. Not only will this help you increase your ballet ability, but it also doubles as a fantastic lower body workout. Do this for an hour and you will feel it. No wonder ballerinas have such great bodies. Back to the ballet moves... Demi-Plie One of the first ballet moves you will learn is called the Demi-Plie. It is pronounced Demmy Plee A and means little bend. This is a very elegant move, and this is how it is done. Remember to be as graceful and fluid as you can when you are doing the demi-plie. You will stand at the ballet barre, with your back facing it. You will begin with one arm on the barre, and your heels together and toes pointed out. You only need to turn your feet as far as it is comfortable. So, your feet should look something like a V with your heels together. If you can turn your feet further out to make a straight line, perfect. If not, don t worry with it. To do the demi-plie, which is one of the most graceful of ballet moves, you will bend your knees. You want your knees to go out and above your feet in line with them. You don t have to go all the way down, but you want to keep your heels together. As you re slowly bending, gracefully move the arm that is not on the barre up. You want to give the illusion that you re floating. Extend the arm until it is in a line with your shoulder. You don t have to stiffen the arm and make it perfectly straight. Remember, ballet moves are supposed to be graceful and fluid. You don t want to look like a robot. Then you will place your arm back down slowly, and stand back up. After a little practice at the demi-plie, it will be much easier. Practice this ballet move for a week or so and before you know it you will be doing the demi-plie perfectly every time. Jessica S loves dancing and fitness. Visit Ballet Moves and gain the extra advantage in your ballet techniques. Jessica S is also the owner of the popular website Celebrity Body .

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