Saturday, January 19, 2008

On Your Way to Becoming A Chef Celebrity

Watching celebrity chefs do what they love most on TV makes their job a lot easy. The viewers that we are, never think that being a chef takes long years of excruciating training and exposure to working with different types of people and kitchen. Juggling a chef s responsibilities such as cooking for people they hardly know while at the same time, impressing the management of the restaurant or hotel where they work for are two tough ones that none of the rest of us will have to go through. Just imagine what these chefs are made they are able to do all the chopping, stirring, preparing food and impressing everybody else all at the same time? Though chefs demonstrate great wit in cooking and perseverance on staying in the heat of the kitchen for hours, they too, know how to interact with co-workers. They also work as acting managers, only in the kitchen though; towards their cooks. But of course, there is no need for reprimands as everyone working in the kitchen has one goal. And that is to make a delectable dish for the famished customers waiting just beyond the kitchen to devour on. Aiming to become a chef celebrity is a motivation. Although, if you are targeting to become a good chef, your milestones should be more of the experiences you have and the people you meet. Learn from the already professional chefs ahead of you and ask questions. Try to work according to what you know, what you stand up for that is right and who knows, many days from now, you ll find yourself in front of the camera waiting for it to go live. Become Chef is a perfect site in the internet to learn all about becoming a Chef.

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