Saturday, January 19, 2008

Best Exercises To Firm Inner Thighs

Exercises for the thighs not only help sculpt and firm up the legs, they also help minimize unsightly cellulites. Simply walking or engaging in aerobic exercises can tone the legs but not necessarily the inner thighs. There are numerous exercises to firm inner thighs and the exercises you need depend on which part of the inner thighs you need to strengthen or tone and for what purpose you are exercising your thighs. Most women want to have toned thighs but not bulky muscles like those of body builders. To achieve slim thighs, many women use lower resistance or weights and increase the repetitions of their exercise. The inner thigh muscles are called the hip adductors. You need to exercise caution when working out your inner muscles. Over exerting your self may result in injury especially if you have not been exercising for a while. You may also get the services of a personal trainer to help you get started. You must also do stretches before your work out. One exercise that is recommended is the press lift. In the press lift, you contract your inner thigh muscles while holding a ball between your ankles while lying on your side. Although this sounds completely easy, it is not. Another exercise to firm inner thighs is the lunges. Lunges not only tone your inner thighs, they also tone the outer thighs and the hamstrings. In the dumbbell lunge, you hold dumbbells and pull your shoulders back. You put either one of your feet forward and then slowly bend your knees so that your inner thighs are stretched. After holding the position for a few seconds, slowly return to the standing position and repeat the procedure but switching to the other leg. When your knees are bent, remember that your knee should be over your ankles and not go beyond. Give Me Only 2 Minutes and I Will show you natural ways to eliminate cellulite that are helping thousands of people around the world - quickly and safely!. Click here to find out now .

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