Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rock n Roll Dancing Fashion

Sometimes taking on a new interest, such as Rock n Roll Dancing, can seem a little expensive, especially if it involves having to buy new clothes to fit in with the Rock and Roll Fashion . If you have visited our site you will already be familiar with the outfits we wear. We do like to put a bit of effort into our Rock n Roll outfits as it is a big part of the fun and theme of rock and roll dancing. However, don t be discouraged if you have not allocated sufficient funds to afford all the bells and whistles that go with the fashion associated with rock and roll dancing. I will let you in on a little secret. The rock and roll dance outfits you see us wearing I personally made myself quite inexpensively. So don t be too concerned about affordability if you are looking for really cool Rock n Roll Dance outfits. In fact the great thing about kick starting a new hobby or social activity such as Rock n Roll Dancing is that you can use your imagination. It s not all about just dancing; you can also use your creativity in coming up with your own outfits. Take it from me; it is great fun designing your own Rock n Roll clothing. So how do you go about doing it? Well, I like to keep it quite simple and add a few touches to give it a little bit of my own personal flair. I visit a lot of the bargain/charity shops for my rock and roll dancing tops and all my groovy belts. When I decide which top I am going to wear with a certain skirt I just decorate it myself to match the colour of the skirt material. Just the other day I bought my partner a pin striped suite as we were attending a Rock n Roll Dress Up Gangster Night . My total cost for that outfit was only $25 and it looks fantastic. I added a couple of cheap hats and decorated them with a white band and a pair of braces for our pants. That s how easy it is and the compliments you ll receive will amaze you. Its looks so impressive and yet it is so inexpensive. So go ahead and have a go - you will be amazed. Now it goes without saying that not everybody is savvy with a sewing machine. Not everyone starting out in Rock n Roll Dancing is going to be able to put together an outfit to suit their desired taste. So if you don t mind spending the money to buy a complete rock and roll dancing outfit or two, then why not do just that. However, chances are you know someone, or someone you know knows someone else that can put together a relatively affordable rock and roll outfit for you. It really is just a matter of getting a little creative and using your imagination while sourcing out the very people who may be able to help you put something together. Either way, don t hesitate to have a go. If you would like to know a little more about how I make my skirts just hop along to my site and have a look. I am more than happy to help you out with ideas and how to go about putting together your very own Rock n Roll Dancing Outfit. Marg and Bill are Rock n Roll enthusiasts from Adelaide Australia who enjoy teaching others to dance rock and roll. For more information visit

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