Saturday, January 19, 2008

Heart Tattoos

When it comes to the expression of love, passion, and adoration - it is heart tattoos that have historically appeared for centuries upon centuries. Over the years, the commonly used shade of red is no longer the standard, as tattoos now showcase a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, styles, and accompaniments. Bold, bright, and expressive displays of heart tattoos have never lost their popularity. Romantic love, lust, and a unity between two people are just some of the ways this tattoo is approached. In the past, ancient civilizations viewed heart tattoos as a symbol that represented the center of intellect and other meanings. Christians saw the heart as the base of emotions, while followers of Islam viewed the symbol as the center of spirituality. Over time, the heart would remain a popular symbol of expression and in regards to tattoos - it spanned the interests of both women and men. A collection of well-known heart tattoo selections has evolved over time. Sailors were notorious for their heart and anchor tattoos with Mom scrawled in the middle. Celtic tattoos sometimes add a heart in knotwork. When it comes to the meaning of heart tattoos, they are often seen to represent love and happiness, but can also showcase painful feelings and sad memories. A broken heart often stands for the loss of a loved one, rejected love, or a failed relationship. Intense sadness and grief is infused into this kind of tattoo design. A heart that bleeds also refers to a lost love. A heart pierced with an arrow is a popular image that can depict both unforgettable and saddened memories of love. Typically, a heart with wings is used to represent a free spirit. A popular tattoo amongst soldiers has become a heart with a dagger, which is often used to symbolize bravery. It can also signify betrayal. The placement of heart tattoos varies, as men typically place this design on their biceps and chest. A woman tends to become more expressive with this design and may choose the lower back, chest, back, and ankle for this tattoo selection. See some more kick-butt info, recommendations, photos, and much more. Visit the number one content site about tattoo designs on the internet:

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