Saturday, January 19, 2008

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Jessica Simpson star of MTV reality television has a Maltese Poodle Cross named Daisy in honor of her new character of Daisy Duke in the new Dukes Of Hazard movie. The small lap dogs are the favorite accessories for style-conscious celebrities. Other celebrities who own full blood Maltese include Sean Puffy Combs who owns a Maltese name Sophie . Elizabeth Taylor s Maltese is named Sugar The Maltese is documented as the oldest breed of all the lap dogs. This breed was the favorite of the royal families. The ladies of the royal court adored and revered the small beautiful breed. The women of the royal court would carry the Maltese on their sleeves like little ornaments to attest to their station in life. The Greek Philosopher Theophrastus and even Aristotle described the beauty of the Maltese in their writings. The glorious Maltese is still an adored pet and sought-after as a show dog and as the companion to the modern royal court of celebrities. Other Facts About The Maltese: The Maltese was first registered by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1888. This dog is classified in the Toy Dog Group. History: Some historical evidence links the Maltese to the genetic make up of the Lhasa Apso, the Tibetan Terrier, the Tibetan Spaniel, and even the Pekingese. By all accounts, the Maltese is a truly ancient breed of dog. â€" Aristotle wrote about the Maltese in 350 BC. Aristotle attributed the origin of the dog to the Island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. The name Maltese is derived from the area of Malta. It is believed that the dogs arrived in Europe through the migration of nomad tribes. Physical Characteristics: *Small in size *Beautifully appointed * luxurious silky white coat hanging straight to the ground *Common color is pure white - light ivory cream Size and Height *Height from 1-10 inches *Weight from 3 to 10 lbs. Personality: *Adaptable *Playful *Intelligent *Will exercise themselves Cautions: *Needs puppy obedience school *Energetic in nature *Can be snappish with inconsiderate children *May be difficult to housebreak Physical Accommodations: *Active in doors *Enjoys walks in the park *Playful up to their old age *Most comfortable in mild weather Health Problems: *Sunburn *Various skin problems *Respiratory problems *Problems with the eyes *Problem with the teeth *Some digestive problems *May be difficult to feed The long, silky, dazzling white hair of the Maltese requires daily combing and brushing. Be gentle with this little creature because the coat is very soft. The eyes should be cleaned daily to prevent staining The Maltese s beard needs to be cleaned after eating to maintain the dog’s pristine appearance. Bathing is needed on a regular basis. The Maltese must be thoroughly dried after a water bath. The ears are of some concern and should be free from any hair in the canal. The Maltese sheds little to no hair These dogs offer their owners years of faithful companionship and gives loving obedience to the right family. ================================================================ Animaroo provides in depth information on dog breeds, puppies for sale, and includes photos, traits of specific dog breed, and common health issues. For Information on finding and living with the Maltese â€" visit:

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