Saturday, January 19, 2008

Glimpse Into Teen Eating Disorders

Teenage is the most exciting part of our life as it brings with itself new changes and a new outlook of life. However, for some it is the most stressful stage of their lives as it brings some of the physical changes too. Teenage is the stage which brings with itself puberty. Puberty is the phase of a biological cycle which every human being undergoes. During this stage, teen eating disorders are commonly detected in the teenagers. Puberty is the biological maturation period under which can be defined as awakening of the teenagers about their sexual identity. At such a stage teenagers grow conscious about their body and as well as their physical structure. Teen eating disorders are mainly because of this conscious awakening. Youngsters who are plum and heavy feel depressed and dejected as they find themselves less attractive then others of their age due to which they try out different ways to reduce their weight. Teen eating disorders are one of the origins of such a weight loss obsessions. The most common fear among teenagers is that the weight they have in their puberty stage will continue whole through their life, and so they desperately try to bring their weight down. Gaining approval of friends and pals also becomes important for teenagers as they become more sensitive to the world outside them and the reaction of people in the society becomes essential important for them. Family might also have its influence on teenagers eating habits. If there is extreme family pressure related to their academic performance and other matters then also it is possible that there is loss of appetite. Loss appetite can also be because of teenagers wanting to gain control over their emotions. Missing meals and not eating becomes a part of their punishment regime which they think is a kind of punitive they need to undergo to make for poor performance. Sometimes, family problems also become a major cause for such an emotional imbalance which might lead them to skip meals as they no other outlet for their frustration. Most common cases have been found when parents are fighting for separation. Teen eating disorders is of two kinds, one in which person tends to starve himself by not eating and the other one in which the person eats uncontrollably. The one that symptoms loss of appetite is called anorexia whereas one that accounts of overeating is called bulimia. Anorexia is the eating disorders in which there are also some special cases where the person tends to eat usually as they do but since he/she is conscious about his/her weight so induce vomiting to bring it out. Teen eating disorders are not ailments but actually they are mental disorders which need psychological assistance. If your child is suffering from eating disorder try to get to the root cause as this will only decide the cure. Francisco Segura owns and operates - Eating Disorder

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