Saturday, January 19, 2008

If You Love Your Freedom - Thank A Veteran

So goes the saying on thousands of signs and bumper stickers across North America. If you sport one of these signs or stickers, or if you just agree with that slogan, here s your chance to say your thanks in a way that our veterans, past, present and future will appreciate. The Canadian Federal Government is clawing back a significant portion of the pension benefits of our Military and RCMP Veterans. This is happening at a time when these people can least afford it. The claw back is effective when the veteran turns 65 years age, or earlier if they are injured and begin drawing their Canada Pension Plan benefits. However, politicians, who get their Gold Plated pension after only six years in office, have exempted themselves from the claw back while leaving the claw back in place for our veterans. Veterans who have served the country with loyalty and dedication. Veterans who have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and safety. Veterans who have served for 20 and 30 and sometime more than 40 years in order to receive their pension. If you re Canadian, go to the link below, read the text of the petition carefully and check out some of the comments of the people who have already signed this petition. If after doing so, you disagree with the claw back, and feel that our Military and RCMP Veterans deserve their full pension, then say Thank You by adding your name to the petition, including any comments that you feel are appropriate. K. Ross is a former member of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)/Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), currently employed as a Life Cycle Management Specialist. Over the years, he has gained considerable practical knowledge and experience on a vast array of subjects and has been required to produce, edit and update many technical publications. As a result, he has decided to try his hand as a freelance writer in his spare time. Check out his web page at

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