Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bob Hairstyle 2008

2008 back to 60 s nostalgia BOB If you can t stand beautiful clothing, we believe every fashionable young want to try new hair style. When you open the hairstyle note book, 60 s wind blows to you. 60 s fashion is full of dream in fashion. There was short skit from Mary Quant, colorful strips dress... For hairstyle, it was covered by nostalgia. The idea is from 60 s. Some are cultured, some are dreamy and some are sexy. 1n 2008, how to catch-up this nostalgia fashion? Here provide you some tips to take a plant back to 60 s. Tips 1: add energy to 60 s BOB This year fashion trends are released. The top brand Channel, Dior and YSL show different kinds of fashion clothing with geometric and architectural profile. For hairstyle, BOB comes again. According to a famous stylist, this years BOB can be long or short. The whole character of hair is asymmetric and heavy bang outline emphasizing a geometric sense with the length of hair reach chin and shoulder. Straight hair style is good to styling and it can also styling broad size hair clips to increase nostalgia feeling. If cannot get rid of long curvy hair, you can try to retain the fluffy hair on upper part and change long curls below shoulder to create a Hitchcock-style magic customs girl. Tips 2: dark color to increase hair For color trend, famous hair stylist in French recommends blue black and copper as main color for whole hair coloring. If only highlighting, you can choose cold color blue, or copper brown on the surface of the hair and remain black underneath. For the bang, you can randomly choose cold color. For short hair you can try golden, deep brown or orange red. For long large curve hair, you can try light brown to increase nostalgic look. Tips 3: An overall excellent add points to 1960 s In fact, 60 s hair can be said to be a trap. If you are badly treat the smooth straight hair or natural large curve hair, it will be turned into old fashion . As one of a famous stylist said that image should be treat hairstyle, clothes and makeup as a whole. You cannot just simply focus on one of them. He therefore recommended that to stressed eyes, long eyelashes, dark eye makeup increasing mysterious for the make-up. For clothing, one-pieces, box type, type A and balloon type are able to produce short shirt nostalgic feelings. Long curls can try to put on exquisite accessories on the clothes. The shirt is suggested to be white, black or purple. The chest of the dress can be decorated with classical and embroidery butterflies knot together with inflated cuff lanterns sleeves. The color is suggested to be black and white geometric patterns, including black-and-white zebra stripes, the water ripples, and classical puzzle, and bright colors, such as tea yellow, brown, dark green, and blue. It is close to 60 s.

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