Saturday, January 19, 2008

Private Jet Card

Celebrities’ and corporate executives jet set around the globe because they can afford to do so and because it saves a great deal of time. But many have decided it’s time to do their part when it comes to a greener healthier environment which is why private jets are going carbon neutral and many are holding private jet card. You might be surprised to discover that it actually costs less than 1% of the total flying costs per hour to go carbon neutral. The cost to fly carbon neutral is between $7 and $65 an hour depending on the type of plane. This is nothing when you consider it costs celebrity private jets from $2000 to $13,500 an hour to fly. For under $12,000 you can offset 250 hours in a Falcon 2000 which seats 10 and costs over $20 million to buy. If you were to fly in a Learjet your hourly cost for carbon neutral flight is $25 but a Gulfstream is $60 per hour. It varies greatly depending on the type of private jets we are talking about. Celebrities have bought into an interesting plan that you too can invest in if you like. It’s called TerraPass which is a private jet card and it calculates how much carbon dioxide emissions the flight creates and then attaches a dollar value that you would pay TerraPass with the money going to “Green” or “Environmental Friendly” projects. It’s a great way to do your part and if you visit their site you can calculate your usage and your payment. But let’s get back to the celebrities â€" many of these eco-minded stars make their contribution to TerraPass when they fly commercial or their celebrity private jets choice isn’t carbon neutral. By holding a private jet card they are doing their part to help the environment whether it’s flying carbon neutral jets or contributing to TerraPass. Did you know that one hour in a private jet is equal to one year’s fuel in your car ? There are many celebrities taking carbon neutral serious â€" Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo di Caprico, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and J. Lo, Dave Matthews Band, the Dixie Chicks, and Pearl Jam. Even President Bush, and Al Gore are participating. We think of celebrities as jet setters who are busy filming movies, going on concert, and enjoying a bit of partying with good friends. But too often we don’t stop to think about the great things these celebrities do for the planet and the environment. Concerts to raise funds for the less fortunate or to help with a natural disaster, or to help a less fortunate nation, and now they are doing their part to help our environment as they jet set around in the celebrity private jets participating in carbon neutrals. Once again the celebrities set the stage for the rest of us to do our part! If you fly a great deal every year you should consider holding your own private jet card. About The Author Morten Hansen has been focused on the Private Jet area for several years and is mainly writing about subjects, that make it easier for people to understand the different issues about Private Jets. For more details about Private Jets visit our website

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