Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let s Take A Look At The Power Of Magic

Let s Take A Look At The Power Of Magic How can you explain the unexplainable? Some people believe that events, objects, people and physical phenomena can be influenced by magic. While this may seem illogical to most people, many subcultures still believe in a magical world. In this article, we ll explore the roots of mysticism and how it impacts our modern societies. The earliest signs of practical magic are found in the history of ancient Egypt. A magician during that age was a class of priest or magi . A large number of Egyptian magical papyri in Greek, Coptic and Demotic have been recovered. They contain early examples of the use of magic words , believed to have had the power to command spirits, as well as the use of wands and other tools. Practitioners of illusion believe that it works in a variety of ways but is based in natural forces. These magical forces are said to exist alongside the four fundamental forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force and the weak force. These believers are said to manipulate the elements using symbols and other objects. Symbols are believed to magically take on a physical quality of the phenomenon or object that they represent. By manipulating symbols, users can manipulate a target. Concentration or meditation can have tremendous magical powers. According to renowned writer and mystic Aleister Crowley, focusing on an imagined object produces mystical attainment or an occurrence in the brain characterized essentially by the uniting of subject and object. Others believe that the subconscious is capable of contacting spirits who in turn can work magic. Versions of this technique are used today. For instance, a runner about to run a race will visualize crossing the finish line ahead of his competitors. Or, someone who is trying to overcome addiction will picture themselves leading a productive and sober life. One element that an illusion and prayer share is a foundation in religion. Both magic and prayer involves worship and possibly sacrifice to a supernatural being or god. This divine being is then expected to intervene on behalf of the person offering the prayer. However, prayer requires the approval of a god. Magic does not require this kind of consent. A black magician can achieve his desire by performing a ritual or controlling spiritual beings addressed by his spells. Science has dramatically changed the way we look at our world, but the ancient art of illusion is still practiced by devout believers. Can religious might and magic impact the outcome of everyday events or change a person s destiny? Is magic the solution to problems we can t explain through science? It may sound farfetched but perhaps there s a reason ancient rituals and rites have continued to live on through the centuries. Would you like to magically fool someone ? Learn more about magic at Mike Selvon portal. While you are there leave is a comment at our magic tricks blog, and receive your FREE gift.

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